Annual Meeting for the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) 2016

The story

Scientific innovation in Thailand is the quiet powerhouse behind the country’s growth. We bridge the gap between researchers of different fields to exchange ideas. With enhanced storytelling skills, scientists can better communicate their research to the general public and ultimately develop Thailand with their innovations.

The project

For the 2015 TRF Annual Meeting, we organized various ice-breaking activities and delivered a workshop on “Design Thinking and Ideation”. The goal of the event is to bring together talents in the scientific field and promote discussion on scientific innovations in Thailand. Our Role: Workshop & Experience Designer

Client trf
Thailand Research Fund (TRF)

The Thailand Research Fund (TRF) was established in response to the 1992 Research Endowment Act and although it is part of the government system, it lies outside the government administrative bureaucracy. This freedom allows great efficiency in research support. Since its creation, TRF has remained focused on its main duty: supporting at both local and national levels the creation of a knowledge-base to help those tackling societal problems.